We are the digital heartbeat We are the digital heartbeat

Lexogrine is a technology software studio.

Product Design

We work on the product from top to bottom - Our team can help you with creating great product strategy, engaging user interfaces and intuitive user experience.

Web & Desktop Development

Custom web and desktop software development for your company: React, Vue, Angular, Node.js, Electron and more.

Mobile App Development

Hybrid and native mobile application development: React Native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin.

AI & Machine Learning

Advanced machine learning solutions and the true power of AI: neural networks, Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech, vision, data science, data processing.

Featured Projects

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Utkarsh Upadhyay

Lexogrine ran implementation and hit development deadlines to keep the client on track for the product launch. Their team onboarded and adapted quickly to the platform’s archaic architecture and unfamiliar framework. Lexogrine teammates operated in sprints and worked well together.

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Collin Siverts

Lexogrine is an incredibly hardworking and dedicated group of individuals that I rarely see at development companies.

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Gary Cooper
CTO, Smart Elves, LLC

The designs from Lexogrine were easy to implement and received positive feedback from internal stakeholders. The team was also able to reduce the company's development costs. They were described as diligent and able to work around unusual challenges.

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David Umeh

Thanks to Lexogrine, the client gained access to over 50 new venture capitalists looking to invest in their platform. They also helped in closing a seed round of $1.5 million for the project. Though the project was unique, the team showed flexibility for a smooth workflow.

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Eirik Dalhus
Board Member, Sunnmøre Data and Culture

Lexogrine led a solid process, exhibiting a great flow of information and promptness when it came to meeting deadlines. Despite not having an actual meeting with the client, they managed to work with the data sent to them and even submitting their output before the given time.

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Design first software development

At Lexogrine, we're using our expertise in design and development to help your business to use full potential of the digital era. We're driven by strategy and user experience, connecting design with technology, making complex problems simple.

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