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Clouty is a platform that hosts live bets about the latest releases and predictions in the music industry and offers a dedicated market index to track this sector. Lexogrine has been part of the whole process of building the MVP - helped Clouty pick the right features to build at first, design UI and UX, implement the entire platform, and release the first application on the production environment.

Our goal was to add music factors to UI design and creatively merge both music and fintech industries. For that, we designed modern and engaging visuals and combined patterns from betting and music applications.


Facing the challenge of blending music and fintech, we set out to craft an MVP that resonates with the unique pulse of the music betting world.

Designing musical experience

The entire user interface had to resonate with the music industry and create a familiar environment for its users.

Available on every screen resolution

MVP was designed as a web application but it was crucial to offer it on every possible screen resolution thanks to responsive web design.

Moving stock market to web application

Clouty wanted to offer both betting and elements of the stock market to offer a dedicated music index tracking crucial releases and events.

Creating memorable experience

It was crucial to design an exciting experience for users to bring them back to the product.


Our solution is a creative concerto, melding the rhythm of music with the precision of fintech, delivering a captivating and efficient user experience.

Music and stock market fusion

Our Design team created breathtaking user experiences by taking inspiration from the music industry, betting apps, and stock market solutions.

React as a frontend framework

Thanks to our experience with React we developed a scalable interface that showcased all necessary information - including in-depth data and graphs - on every screen resolution.

Optimized for data display

We’ve created a solution to track and bet on the music industry and showcase the result of every action that resembles the stock market and its data.

Beautiful visuals, smooth animations

Our team made sure to offer state-of-the-art visuals and swift transitions between interfaces to create a trustful but also joyful experience for the users.

Mobile-first experience

Expertly tailored for mobile, our design ensures an immersive, responsive experience, syncing perfectly with the dynamic lifestyle of music and betting enthusiasts.


They helped in closing a seed round of $1.5 million for the project. The team showed flexibility for a smooth workflow.

David Umeh

Founder, Clouty

Tech Stack

: In building Clouty, we orchestrated a symphony of TypeScript, React, and Node.js, each element playing its part to create a seamless, robust digital platform.







Experience that makes an impact

Clouty is an innovative idea that needs a custom design approach. The application was a mixture of music, betting, and stock market applications. We had to design an enjoyable, but reliable interface, that is easy to scale and optimize for data display.

The right choice of technology

The development of Clouty has been mostly done using TypeScript, React, and Node.js. Because of how important UI and UX were for this project, we've decided to use the styled-components library in order to make the exchange of information between developers and designers as efficient as possible.


Thanks to combining the right choice of technology and user experience that is built on well-known patterns we’ve created a product that is designed for more engagement from the users, higher conversion, and higher app income. 

The app quickly gained the necessary traction and secured an investment round from Venture Capital to allow the creation of even more complex products.


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