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Strategy, UI/UX Design, Mobile & Backend Development

HelloGo is the next step in the influencer economy - sending and receiving offers to Go has never been easier! Thanks to this groundbreaking application you can both build strong bonds with your fans and monetize the followers.

The minimalist design follows the best social media patterns and scalable technology allows fast introduction of new features and functionalities.


During our work with the startup HelloGo, we identified the most important challenges - solving them was crucial to build a solid product that could be developed in the future.

Users safety

Bringing Internet people together for the real life meetings is a great opportunity but sometimes can be dangerous.

High traffic

Influencers can bring a lot of traffic which can test platforms infrastructure and possibility to handle it.

Payments processing

Payments and user's ability to monetize their popularity are core business element of the HelloGo. Building right solution is crucial to make platform credible for it’s users.

Seamless Design

An important goal during the design process was to create an interface that would be clear and would not distract from the content published by users.


The solution we built combined the principle of 'content is the king' with necessary technological solutions like scalable infrastructure and payment processing.


Simple & attractive color palette

We emphasized the use of a minimalistic color scheme that aligns with contemporary social media aesthetics.

Straight-forward application map

We have streamlined the user journey within the app, making features and functionalities easily accessible.

Guided checkout

We designed a guided checkout process that is simple and efficient, reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment.


KYC - identity verification

Making sure user are safety on the platform and during the real-life events we implemented two KYC solutions - Checkr and Berbix - so each user would be verified before being able to use key features of the application.

Scalable infrastructure

Social media applications are the definition of enormous user traffic. To make sure platform will handle thousand of request we designed and developed a scalable cloud-based infrastructure using Node.js, Prisma and AWS.

Payments processing

HelloGo is offering a marketplace where payments are crucial element. We successfully implemented Stripe Connect as core payment solution, making it possible to withdraw your earnings and gather fees for the platform.

Industry Research
UI/UX Design


Lexogrine is an incredibly hardworking and dedicated group of individuals that I rarely see at development companies.

Collin Siverts


Tech Stack

Technology stack was chosen to allow for easy scaling of the application, team building, and working on multiple platforms in the simplest way possible.



React Native




HelloGo is a place where online marketplace meets real life - because of that we needed to implement several steps to make sure every community member is safe and can easily earn. Our team integrated the application with third-party systems and solutions like Stripe, Checkr and Berbix.

TypeScript in many forms

iOS and Android apps built in React Native, web components - including administration panel - built in React, and backend built in Node.js - once again TypeScript is the core programming language we used to build the whole solution.

Landing Page

For the landing page we used the solution that we managed to build a true expertise lately - Webflow. Thanks to that we can quickly implement even the most demanding design and offer a super easy to use content management system.


Thanks to the detailed strategy, experience and skill Lexogrine successfully shipped the application in just 4 months. Our decision to utilize TypeScript as the core technology has paid off handsomely, enabling our team to rapidly adapt the product to meet the evolving requirements of our Client and the feedback from our users.


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