Dedicated to quality

Driven by innovation

Lexogrine has been founded by a team of experienced IT experts from different fields with a goal to offer the best quality, transparency, and flexibility and to become a center of innovation for other companies.

Founded in 2019 by a group of industry experts with broad experience in web, mobile, and desktop applications design and development - Lexogrine from day one has been focused on serving the expertise in top-notch scalable technologies which we chose based on our commercial experience. We committed ourselves to quality, transparency, and open-mindedness to make sure we will create an environment where people flourish and Clients succeed.

As our base technology stack, we chose JavaScript and TypeScript to make sure we will keep the codebase clean and the knowledge will be easily shared among the development team - therefore we focused on React, React Native, Node.js, and Electron. Since then we have expanded our expertise to make sure we can offer our Clients the best solutions based on their needs.

Thanks to our experience and commitment in just 3 years we managed to deliver more than 50 digital products and built our own successful software solution - Lexogrine HUD Manager - which in less than a year became an esports industry standard.

Our team of specialists hardens their skills and experiments with the technologies in our product and the experience we gain thanks to that we successfully transfer to our Clients and Partners, making sure we will choose the most efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solutions for them.

Our Core Values

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Our Clients entrust us with their budgets and for us, this is a commitment to use these funds effectively - and deliver valuable, scalable products which can be then easily expanded, modified, or changed if needed.
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We know from our commercial experience that obscure, complicated processes, overpromising, and being dishonest are things absolutely unacceptable. Our goal is to build long-term relationships and trust. That’s why we always present to the Clients all the possible scenarios and help them to choose the best one. And we always deliver.
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Our team of designers, developers, engineers, and testers is built by talented, highly skilled, fully committed experts with years of commercial experience and multiple digital products built. You are in good hands and you always know the team you are working with.
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We love to experiment with new technologies but we also love to search for innovative paths to make sure we will offer the most effective, scalable, and cost-efficient solutions for our Clients.


We have worked with clients from all over the world