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Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries and it impacts almost everything nowadays. So wouldn't it be cool if there were truly gaming beverages with all the fun stuff gamers really love?

GLHF is a truly tasteful beer created by gamers for gamers. It magically merges great taste with top-notch technology to offer a new dimension of entertainment.

Lexogrine has been chosen to build the technical part of the project, creating ecommerce, web, and mobile solutions.


At the heart of our challenge lay the quest to design a multifaceted platform that resonates with gamers.

Gaming experience

As the main target group is gamers it was crucial to design a product that would be familiar to all types of gamers.

AR features

AR is an integral part of the user experience so it was necessary to find the right and easily customizable solution for augmented reality available directly in the app.

eCommerce platform

Building an ecommerce platform that will be both lightweight and offer all necessary features for the users.


Creating a layer of engagement that will bring user retention to the app.


We transformed challenges into opportunities, creating a virtual playground.

RPG elements familiar to every gamer

Each user can customize their experience by creating a virtual avatar, finishing dedicated quests, and gathering rewards. All are available in the app.

Implementing the WebAR

We used 8th Wall WebAR as a core solution for augmented reality available in mobile applications. The whole system is managed directly from a dedicated administration panel which allows asset management.

Integrating Medusa for ecommerce

Medusa as a core framework has been integrated with the platform and customized to make the ecommerce platform available for both web and mobile.

Rewards system

We’ve created a dedicated system that allows easy adding, editing, and removing tasks for the users and digital rewards for finishing those.

Unique Retro UI

Crafting Nostalgia in Pixels: We engineered a retro-themed user interface, blending classic gaming aesthetics with modern design to capture the essence of gaming culture.

Custom and native patterns combined

Harmonizing Tradition with Innovation: Our design approach uniquely merged custom graphic elements with native app patterns, creating a user experience that's both familiar and fresh.


They’ve stepped out of their way to deliver things out of their interest for the project.

Petter Sjöstrand


Tech Stack

We orchestrated a diverse array of technologies, from TypeScript’s versatility to React Native's adaptability, creating a robust and scalable digital ecosystem for GLHF.



React Native




8th Wall WebAR


We truly love TypeScript

React Native has been used to build iOS and Android apps, React for the web application, ecommerce platform and administration panel, and Node.js to build the backend. We really love to use TypeScript as the core programming language for comprehensive, multi-level solutions.

Gamifying the beverage experience

GLHF mobile application offers a vast range of functionalities designed to enhance your experience: RPG-like profiles, friends lists, quests, community goals, clans, and more! Each user can customize their experience thanks to the ability to choose the application's interface, avatar, and your profile’s inventory.


Thanks to the precise strategy and rapid iteration Lexogrine successfully shipped the MVP within 3 months. The next couple of months have been spent gathering crucial feedback from the users and focusing on building and releasing the all-new platform which utilizes new ideas, showcases new features, and addresses new markets.

So no matter if you prefer video games, mobile games, board games, or retro - everyone will find something interesting in GLHF apps - and drink the tasteful GLHF beer in the meantime!


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