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Mysti AI
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Routine blood and health assessments are highly recommended by healthcare professionals and specialists to ensure a long and trouble-free life. Yet, interpreting test results can often prove challenging and necessitate extensive discussions.

Mysti AI simplifies the process by analyzing your results and providing comprehensive explanations, leveraging advanced AI and language models.


In our journey with Mysti AI, we navigated through complex challenges unique to the health-tech sector. Our focus was on creating a reliable and user-friendly product, laying a strong foundation for its continuous evolution.

Training the

Ensuring the model is supplied with accurate data and fulfills the correct requirements is essential.

Connect patients with doctors

Accessing a healthcare specialist can pose significant challenges for many individuals.

Data safety

Our health is our most crucial privacy so anything related to it has to be secured.

Users trust building

We needed to establish trust with users - it is crucial, especially in the health sector where sensitive personal information is involved.


Weaving together Mysti AI's vision, we embraced a fusion of insightful healthcare knowledge with the prowess of advanced technology.


Visual Identity & Guidelines

Created a set of design guidelines ensuring consistency across all platforms and touchpoints, enhancing brand recognition.

Reliability with Gamification

Balanced fun and educational aspects to reinforce trust and reliability, ensuring users feel comfortable and motivated.

AI Experience

Tailored the user interface to showcase AI capabilities in a user-friendly manner.


Preparing the correct datasets

Choosing the correct data to teach the model and verifying the results on a continuous basis to resolve any obstacle.

Creating the right platform

Building a place where health professionals are working side by side with AI to provide the most accurate information for patients.

Secure infrastructure

Selecting the right tech stack is imperative, as it determines the creation of infrastructure that is both secure and easily maintainable. No technology is entirely immune to risks, which underscores the importance of prioritizing flexibility and accessibility for rapid iterations. TypeScript, React Native, and Node.js were the ideal solutions for this task.


The quality of Lexogrine's work and approach to the project genuinely exceeded my expectations.

Bikram Brar


Tech Stack

The selection of our tech stack was strategically aligned with the goals of seamless scalability, effortless team collaboration, and streamlined multi-platform development.



React Native




Right tool for a crucial task

We used React Native as a hybrid solution for iOS and Android apps, React for web applications like Care Providers application, user management and application management, and Node.js as a backend solution. For the AI we used leading large language models and platforms to teach the model.

The proper introduction

Landing pages are a vital element of building a trustworthy product - especially for the medical and health sector. We created a solution that connects both Patients and Care Providers, offering an informative landing page.


Creating a clear strategy and using the right tools for the task helped us ship an MVP in record time. TypeScript once again allowed us to quickly iterate on the solution and introduce new features whenever necessary. The usage of Expo services has let us streamline QA processes in the early stages of development thanks to their ability to rapidly deploy changes to testing environments.

Our prompt engineering and machine learning expertise offered tailored solutions for the AI component of Mysti. Thanks to the efficiency of the chosen platforms and solutions we’ve been able to quickly teach the model necessary elements for the task.


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