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SmartElves is an innovative community app that transforms the gift-buying process into a seamless and social experience. With a dual focus on eCommerce and social interaction, the app aims to make finding the perfect gifts for friends and family a delightful journey. Lexogrine was brought in to steer SmartElves through a bold journey of reshaping gift shopping, from conducting design sprint workshops and strategizing the product to branding and mobile design.


Our challenge was to revolutionize the gift-shopping experience, integrating eCommerce with social elements to address user needs and enhance engagement.

Redefining Gift Shopping

Establishing a unique, user-friendly platform for gift buying that stands out in the crowded market.

Intuitive User Experience

Addressing common pain points like forgetting important dates and uncertainty about gift choices.

Combining eCommerce with Social Elements

Seamlessly integrating social networking features into the eCommerce experience.

User Engagement and Retention

Creating a platform that not only attracts users but also keeps them engaged and active.


We delivered a harmonious blend of social interaction and online shopping, transforming SmartElves into an intuitive, engaging platform for meaningful gift exchanges.

Innovative Product Strategy

Utilized in-depth market research to develop a strategy that resonates with users' needs and preferences.

Revamped Mobile Design

Overhauled the existing app design, focusing on simplifying the user interface and enhancing the visual appeal.

Streamlined User Flow

Crafted a clear user-flow that effectively blends social and eCommerce elements, ensuring a cohesive experience.


The designs from Lexogrine were easy to implement and received positive feedback from internal stakeholders.

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User-Friendly Onboarding

We crafted an onboarding process that's inviting and effortless, ensuring a smooth entry into the world of SmartElves.

Landing Page

Our landing page design for SmartElves sets the stage for exploration, blending captivating visuals with clear, inviting calls to action.


SmartElves Inc. has successfully launched an app that redefines the art of gift-giving. The new design and strategy not only elevated the brand but also created a unique niche in the market. With its user-centric approach and innovative integration of social features in eCommerce, SmartElves is set to become a leader in the gift-buying industry.


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