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Web App
Strategy, UI/UX Design

OurBrix emerges as an innovative startup offering a unique platform for group real estate investment. The project's vision was to craft an optimal user interface targeting the 20-30 age demographic, focusing on both visual appeal and user experience excellence. Lexogrine was entrusted with the task of developing a comprehensive branding and visual strategy for OurBrix, alongside the creation of the application's structure, wireframes, and interface.


Faced with the task of simplifying intricate investment processes for a youthful audience, we aimed to blend engagement with intuitive design.

Complex functionality made simple

Designing an application pathway that is straightforward and user-friendly, despite the inherent complexity of investment processes.

Targeting a younger demographic

Creating a design that resonates with a younger audience, balancing sophistication with modern aesthetics and intuitive navigation.

Effective information display

Ensuring key investment information and statistics are easily accessible and understandable.

Engaging user interaction

Crafting an interface that not only informs but also actively engages users, encouraging sustained interaction and investment activity


Our approach transformed complex investment journeys into a seamless experience, marrying intuitive navigation with engaging, youth-friendly aesthetics for the OurBrix platform.

Intuitive Application Pathway

Developed a clear, user-friendly application route, enabling smooth navigation through complex investment processes.

Youth-Oriented Branding and UI

Implemented a fresh, contemporary branding and user interface design that appeals directly to the younger demographic, aligning with their preferences and digital habits.

Clear Data Visualization

Integrated advanced data visualization tools to present investment statistics and growth in an easily digestible format.

Easy Fund Loading

We've streamlined the funds loading mechanism, making financial contributions effortless and secure for OurBrix users.

Landing Page

OurBrix’s landing page combines aesthetic appeal using custom 3D models with functionality, offering a compelling and informative first impression for potential investors.


The outcome of this project was a beautifully designed and strategically planned application that resonates with the young investor community. OurBrix now stands as a beacon in the realm of group real estate investment, offering a seamless and engaging platform. Lexogrine's expertise in UI/UX design and software strategy played a pivotal role in transforming the complex world of real estate investment into an accessible and attractive venture for the younger generation.


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