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Strategy, UI/UX Design, Development is an all-in-one cloud-based desktop application that simplifies and automates esports broadcasting and production thanks to advanced AI solutions designed and developed by Lexogrine.It connects to the most popular gaming titles and uses their data to offer a top-tier visual experience for viewers, advanced analytics, AI-based match observing, and even match result AI-based predictions. supports Counter-Strike 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, Rocket League, Apex Legends, F1, and CSGO and offers a dedicated set of features, automation, and analytics for each one of them based on the game’s specifics and needs of broadcasting.

Our product became the esports industry standard and is being used by hundreds of companies all around the world every day. It makes us proud and is giving us an experience not every software agency can boast of - what it's like to build a product that is successful, delivers value to users, and works flawlessly.


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Building cloud infrastructure

The vast amount of data being shared between local instances of the application and core cloud infrastructure - including on-demand AI computation - required precise and cost-effective cloud architecture.

Connecting separated workflows in one app

Before every step of the broadcasting process required separate tools which were very ineffective, hard to manage, and required expert knowledge of every single one of those tools.

High engagement from viewers

The application should offer beautiful visuals for the viewers for every match that is being shown - including stats, results, and comparisons - and simple customization based on each event's requirements.

Creating the right and scalable AI models

Not every part of the process and every data generated during the match should be analyzed by AI. It was crucial to create the right AI models for proper tasks.


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Efficient monolith cloud system based on AWS

In LHM, we’ve made the decision to focus on a mostly monolithic architecture. This approach simplifies the development, fostering a faster lifecycle from coding to deployment, and promotes code sharing and reusability. The decision aligns with LHM’s resource constraints, allowing a focused effort on a single codebase and simplifying debugging and maintenance, which is important when working in a small team.

Work automation with fast cloud storage sync

Thanks to the in-depth UX analysis we designed a flexible workflow that includes all steps of broadcast preparation, configuration, and management. And thanks to LHM Cloud Sync all data is being synchronized between every device whenever something changes - no more external hard drives and pendrives for LAN events.

Beautiful in-game HUDs and broadcast visuals

Not only does LHM allow to easily develop a dedicated HUD for the broadcast but also offers beautiful cloud-based HUDs and visuals for streams called Ultra HUD and Premium HUD - available with just a simple click.

Match observing and predictions with Scout AI

After careful consideration, our AI Team created Scout AI: an AI-based observer for matches and AI-based real-time predictions of the results of every round and whole match. Data is being processed on LHM Cloud so all Users need to do to use them is two simple clicks in LHM.

Tech Stack

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Many games, tons of tournaments, and one great solution - Lexogrine HUD Manager - integrates many popular features into one single desktop application. LHM significantly simplifies the process of setting up each crucial ingredient of successful transmission and makes each tournament an even better experience for fans all over the world.

Right ingredients

TypeScript, Electron, React, AWS, and custom libraries for data gathering and processing - all used in perfect harmony to provide all-in-one broadcast & HUDs Manager.


Thanks to our extensive market research and direct communication with potential Clients prior to release, LHM's first day on the market also marks the first day it generated profits. LHM has since been steadily acquiring new plan subscriptions daily and growing its market share.

Thanks to the right choice of technologies and iterative approach LHM quickly adapts to the constantly changing esports environment, providing weekly releases and updates, adding new features, and supporting ndew games.

This allowed us to build trust with our Customers and nowadays LHM is an industry standard used every day by hundreds of companies all over the world.


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